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Art for Art's Sake

Miami Art in Residence Program

Art, food, fashion, music and culture at Kimpton Angler's Hotel

Kimpton Angler's Hotel South Beach and its Art in Residence program makes art appreciation an everyday experience. Creating an exquisite design-driven environment that is both cozy and alluring, Kimpton Angler's helps connect guests to the worlds of art, food, fashion, music and culture through approachable and intimate experiences that stir the soul.

'Art in Residence' includes a combination of up-close-and-personal pop-ups, lobby-turned-gallery showings, interactive live-art experiences, and permanent Insta-worthy outdoor murals and installations featured throughout the hotel's public spaces. Featured artists past and present have included:

  • Sam Kirk (as part of Miami Escape Brand Closet Social, April 28 - May 2, 2021)
  • Zeek Mathias (‘Juicing with Art' showing, February - April, 2021)
  • Sarah Glass (Sangria & Ceramics artist workshop and showing, December 2020)
  • Pilpeled (Mermaid mural, permanent installation and live-art experience, December 2019)
  • Claudio Ciaravolo's SOBE IS LOVE sidewalk landmark (permanent installation, October 2019)
  • Marco Gallotta (Sea Series showing, May - December, 2021)
  • Marcus Blake (January - February, 2022)

Our newest artist, Ashley Cesario, has created a custom mural in Seawell's Fish N' Oyster restaurant.

Ashley Cesario's Bio
Ashley Cesario has set the stage at the entrance of Seawell where the marine life takes on a whimsical approach within the confines of the hotel, connecting hotel guests and restaurant goers to the beautiful hotel aesthetic laced with sea around them. Just as the hotel pays homage to Miami’s historic art Deco design, Ashley created a sense of sea creature exclusivity for Seawell, reminiscent of the modern chic 1930s historic Art Deco building. The transitional hierarchy of the “art of the entrance” in Miami is portrayed within these characters. This playful air of sophistication permits you to seamlessly transition into the wonderful world of hospitality within the walls of the restaurant. As you journey through you can’t help but be captivated by the offering of wine and fair as artistically depicted with the characters. At Seawell you’ll feel its “all hands on deck” to make you feel at home.